River Wild (Marula Heights) by Frances Mensah Williams

Is love the price for living the dream?

Ambitious real estate agent River Osei loves her job and dreams of living in a home as beautiful as those she sells to her clients. Putting marriage to her artist boyfriend Cameron on the back burner, River’s only focus is to hit her house fund target.

But River’s plan is thrown into turmoil when she negotiates a sale to demanding music mogul, Donald Ayo. He is immediately taken with her, and she is equally taken with his house – a beautiful mansion in the luxurious gated community of Marula Heights. With Donald pressing for a deal that includes more than a house, River is forced to choose between the man she loves and a lifestyle she craves.

But living the dream isn’t always what it seems and even the best fantasies come at a cost. Faced with the real-life consequences of her choice, River must learn that a house is not a home and love is not for sale.

This book is for Educational Purposes Only.

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