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AfriBookHub is sharing all the books with the audience ONLY for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE.


No person as single or in groups, including the Creators of AfriBookHub and You, the users, hold any copyrights or other Intellectual Property Rights for any of the books in AfriBookHub Database.

In the interest of free accessibility to academic books and knowledge as a whole in Africa and beyond, You are free to use the books, as long as the original Copyrights and other Intellectual Property Rights of the books are not violated.

AfriBookHub shall not be held responsible for action of any kind, if the Users violate any of the aforementioned statements, as AfriBookHub does not own any of the books.

It is hereby noted that, You willingly continue to browse AfriBookHub and reap the benefits, having clearly understood the above mentioned statements.

Free Download Access Subscription

AfriBookHub reserve the right to adjust the price and validity of any subscription or cancel any subscription and without notice.

Refund Policy

We don’t feature a refund policy. No refund of money after payment.

Fair Usage Policy

Your downloads are pegged at 20 books per day.
If you download up to 20 books, your download will pause for 24hrs after which it will reset.
For instance, if you hit a download of 20 books at exactly 3pm today, your download will pause and reset at exactly 24hrs from that time. So, you can download 20 books each day till the end for your download access subscription.

These terms and conditions of use are subject to change at any time and without notice.

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