The Verdict The Voice of the Raped Victim by Osuani Idema

In this fascinating suspense filled novel, a billionaire loving Father and his wife, a judge and caring Mother must put their emotions in check to make their only son face justice to serve as deterrence to others. Mr. Manoj Soros an only son has spent his youthful years in raping and murdering teenage girls with his gang of rapists, all entreaties from his parents to stop the barbaric act has fallen on deaf ears.
A certain rape and murder case perpetrated by Manoj and his gang saw his billionaire Father spending a whooping $150,000,000.00 to secure a “not guilty” verdict to let him off the hook which in turn posed a security risk to the entire Soros’ family—his Father almost paid with his life.
As the Soros’ family was still reeling on the effects of that rape and murder incident, Manoj and his gang perpetrated yet another case of rape and murder that presented a dilemma such that either father or son was to survive. Mr Vinod Soros must choose to influence the case with his dollars and pay with his life or Manoj Soros must face the law and be convicted to die by hanging. His conviction will serve as a deterrence to other perpetrators of rape and murder, the citizens of Deli will be happy that one rapist is put off the streets.

This book is for Educational Purposes Only.

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