The Secrets of Nothing by Jude Ogu

The Secrets of Nothing by Jude Ogu

‘We shall bury this emblem of our oneness at the foot of this cashew tree, at the very spot where we sat together. We shall come back here once a year on 24 December to unearth and pray over the emblem. Two days to our wedding, we shall come and remove it finally and give it a dignified position in our home. Should any of us die before our wedding, the survivor should come and unravel these strands of hair but should keep the ring to make sure the dead party to this agreement is remembered and prayed for.

Do you accept this plan?’

‘I do,’ Emilia answered readily.

It seems like love sanctioned in heaven until Emilia was branded an Osu. This unleashed a series of events which leads to loss of life and destruction of properties. Will the lovers brave this test and keep the promise they made to each other?

This book is for Educational Purposes Only.

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