The Chicken Chasers by Chukwuemeka Ike

The Chicken Chasers by Chukwuemeka Ike
Chukwuemeka Ike humorously reveals the dark side of international politics in a fictional African Union in his book The Chicken Chasers.

All those attempting to chase the honest but naïve Secretary-General (S-G) out of office did so for different reasons, from the ridiculous to the absurd. Foremost among them was the charming but dangerous Mrs. Peace Bozo (Baby Face to her admirers) who saw everyone as a tool to be used and dumped as she wished. The S-G’s display of integrity, honesty and moral uprightness made all those who had chosen to “chase chickens” sprawl in the dust.

The Chicken Chasers is a funny satirical piece. Though written about a few decades ago, the issues raised in this book remains relevant as politicking is still a part of our everyday lives.

This book is for Educational Purposes Only.

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