REBIRTH: from Grass to Grace by Juliana Olayode

REBIRTH: from Grass to Grace by Juliana Olayode

Rebirth is a story of thriving in the midst of hardship. It is rightly subtitled, From Grass to Grace. Juliana Olayode tells of the many hurdles she had to scale and the obstacles she had to surmount in becoming one of the most sought after actresses in Nollywood.

From hawking on the streets to contending with sexually abusive neighbours to dropping out of school to failing at several auditions, she fought for relevance.

This book is one that resonates with everyone that seeks to be more; dissatisfied with being ordinary. Juliana did not hold back in sharing her failures, struggles, fears and accomplishments in this riveting telling of her life’s journey.

It is a book that not only gives hope, but also fuels the hope it gives. Reading this book would definitely be the beginning of your own rebirth.

Your greatness beckons on you!

This book is for Educational Purposes Only.

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