Mentorship Unlocked The Science and Art of Setting Yourself Up for Success by Janice Omadeke

Unlock the power of mentorship in your journey to success in this practical and inspiring guide

What is a mentor? Why is having a mentor crucial to success? Or how do I make sure that I’m a good mentor? In  Mentorship The Science and Art of Setting Yourself Up for Success , veteran entrepreneur and innovator Janice Omadeke delivers an insightful discussion of mentorship, including what it is, how to find a qualified mentor, and how to make mentorship work for you. In the book, she explores the mentorship advice that helped her start a groundbreaking company after studying entrepreneurship and strategic management at MIT and Harvard.

You’ll find practical steps you can take to build your own plan for finding the right mentor for you, or for becoming someone else’s trusted advisor. You’ll also Perfect for both established and early-career professionals, Mentorship Unlocked is also an essential read for managers, executives, and other business leaders who aim to better understand one of the most powerful types of relationships crucial to success.

This book is for Educational Purposes Only.

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