Last seen in Lapaz (Emma Djan Investigation 3) by Kwei Quartey

When a whirlwind romance leads to the disappearance of a young Nigerian woman and a dead body, PI Emma Djan resorts to dangerous undercover work to track her down in Accra.

Just as things at work are slowing down for PI Emma Djan, an old friend of her boss’s asks for help tracking down his missing daughter. According to her father, Ngozi was just months shy of graduating high school when she became secretive and withdrawn. Suddenly, all she wanted to do was be with her handsome new beau, Femi, instead of attending law school in the fall. So when she disappears from her parents’ house in Nigeria the middle of a summer night, they immediately suspect Femi was behind it and have reason to believe the pair has fled to Accra.

During Emma’s first week on the case, Femi is found murdered at his opulent residence in Accra, and Ngozi still has not been found. Fearing the worst, Emma digs further and discovers Femi was part of a network of sex traffickers in several West African countries. Migrants from Ghana and Nigeria are duped into thinking they are on their way to success and riches in Italy. But once there—if they even survive the grueling trip across the desert—they are manipulated into sex work with little chance of escape.

As successful as Femi was, he took advantage of nearly everyone he met, leaving a trail of enemies in his wake, all of whom had motives to kill him. The question is, which one of them did it? Not only does Emma have to hunt the killer down; she’s in a race against time to find Ngozi before she ends up in a pool of blood like Femi.

This book is for Educational Purposes Only.

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