Imagine This by Sade Adeniran

Imagine This tells the story of a young girl who is transported from a familiar to an unfamiliar environment at a young and tender age. The narrator of the story, Omolola Olufunke Olufunmilayo Ogunwole has managed to keep a diary as early as the age of nine. She tells her story entirely in the form of this diary. With every strand of narrative she begins with a date and then addresses it to Jupiter, her sole companion.

Omolola has never known her mother because her mother abandoned them (she and her brother, Adebola). One day, their father transports them from England to Nigeria and they are sent to live with various relatives because their father believes that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. While living with the relatives, Lola recounts her experiences and the kind of treatment she is given.

This book is for Educational Purposes Only.

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