How to Market and Sell Like A Prostitute by Edwin Ngwane

HOW TO MARKET AND SELL LIKE A PROSTITUTE: Proven and practical ways of making people buy your products or services, even when they do not love you and your company by Edwin Ngwane

This book will help you to;

  1. Increase your sales and money
  2. Improve your branding and marketing
  3. Transform your thinking about marketing and selling
  4. Create products which prospects will beg to buy
  5. And most importantly, make your clients become addicted to your products or services.

If you are an Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Marketing Officer, Salesperson or CEO of a company who wants different results, this is your book.

It share unconventional wisdom about marketing and selling. It will help you think outside the box.

This book is for Educational Purposes Only.

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