Ginika’s Bridesmaids Book Five by Adesuwa O’man Nwokedi

After being dumped by her longtime love, Muyiwa, Ginika rebounds with Dike who, though charming, charismatic, and desperately in love with her, is nothing like her intimidating ex. Ginika and Muyiwa soon reignite old flames, and not even getting married to Dike is enough to stop the former lovers. But over the years, as her feelings for her husband deepen, she decides to pull the plug on her affair with Muyiwa. But it’s too late, as Dike finds out about the affair. With their marriage on the brink of collapse, she is determined to do anything to right her wrongs, fix her mistakes, and make things right with her man. But is it too late?

This book is for Educational Purposes Only.

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