Classic Nigerian Food Recipes by Michael Toye Faleti

Classic Nigerian Food Recipes by Michael Toye Faleti

This eBook is written as a guide to learning how to cook Nigerian foods. You will find fifteen main recipes of some of the most popular dishes enjoyed all across southern Nigeria. So why make an eBook about Nigerian food recipes? Firstly, I love Nigerian foods. I think Nigerian cuisine has penetrated a lot of cultures across the world and many people are becoming more curious of African cuisine in general.

However, this eBook is for women and maybe men who are Nigerians or have been influenced by the culture through marriage, family or friendship to broaden their knowledge about Nigerian cuisine and develop their confidence in the kitchen. And most importantly for the young women starting out wanting to become better skilled at the Nigerian culinary arts.

If you are Yoruba and have always wanted to learn how to cook Ibo food then there are plenty of Ibo food recipes here to get you started. Or maybe you learned to cook Nigerian foods in countries like the U.S, Great Britain, South Africa or elsewhere and want to improve on the recipes you know or learn some new ones. This ebook will take your cooking to the next level by extending the range of Nigerian foods you can cook and teach you how to combine native ingredients to get the most authentic flavour and taste.

This book is for Educational Purposes Only.

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