Advanced Bang Rule by Charles Nneji

Imagine being a mechanical engineer and you where giving a task of a medical doctor to attend to a patient, its gona be pretty and obviously hard, because you cannot give the appropriate and right codes and speak the right language,even the patient might not give you attention knowing you aren’t serious for business, this is how it is when you speak the wrong languages,and send the wrong body signals to a girl,her guard automatically turns up and you are gona start acting like a monkey that’s hungry for banana.
Girls are like cats, cats are very inquisitive and curious, if you put a cat into a room and shut the door,the cat wants to go into the next room and come out again, that’s how the girls are,they tend to get bored where there are no tensions,just keep them thinking don’t be straight I advise you,because you will start to bore her,and things will go down the drain. Be dynamic,make her feel all the various type of emotion,sad,happy,laughter,seriousness, etc on different occasions.

This book is for Educational Purposes Only.

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