Ada’s Room by Sharon Dodua Otoo

A woman in 15th century Ghana named Ada buries her child and confronts a Portuguese enslaver. A woman in Victorian England named Ada Lovelace, a mathematical genius based on the only child of Lord Byron, tries to hide her affair with Charles Dickens from her husband. A woman named Ada, imprisoned in a camp brothel at Buchenwald in 1945, will survive one more day. Connected by an unknown but sentient spirit, and a bracelet of fertility beads that each Ada encounters at a pivotal moment in her life, these women share a name and a fight.

As their interwoven narratives converge on a modern day Ada, a young Ghanian woman who finds herself pregnant, alone, in Berlin, searching for a home before her baby arrives, their shared spirit will find a way to help her break the vicious cycle of injustice.

This book is for Educational Purposes Only.

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