Any Love – A Ginika’s Bridesmaids Spin-Off by Adesuwa O’man Nwokedi

A decade after overcoming a crippling drug addiction, Tekena’s ‘addict’ label is getting old, especially as he now only indulges in ‘a few’ drinks and ‘harmless’ party pills. Frustrated about not being taken seriously by his family and being unable to raise the money he desperately needs to jumpstart his business, he starts to consider other options.

After her wedding is scandalously called off, Ijeoma is convinced she is paying the price for sins of the past. Fed up of the ensuing gossip and mounting pressure from her family to seek religious intervention for her bad luck, she finds herself receptive when an unexpected proposition is thrown her way.

Friends for a few years, a one-night stand changes the dynamic of Ijeoma and Tekena’s relationship. But when they decide that marriage will solve both their problems, they go for it regardless, with the condition that intimacy will never again be on the cards. But as love, lust, animosity, treachery, a crippling addiction, and a host of other vices take centre stage, they soon realise that conditions are made to be infringed, promises made to be broken, and soul connections…made to be shattered.

This book is for Educational Purposes Only.

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